NorthernPlus, the new face of privileged life with the difference of NorthernLAND, is now available in all application stores.

With NorthernPlus, see all the events before anyone else, enjoy the pool at Pera Mackenzie without waiting, and profit while taking advantage of high-quality NorthernLAND services.


Manage Your Payments

Pay instantly with your contactless or physical card using the NorthernPlus application. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can easily manage all balance transactions on a single screen, add balance to your account or withdraw balance from your account. You can also view your past payments, expenses and balance transactions.

Earn Bonus Points

You can earn points as you spend on all payments you make through NorthernPlus, and you can benefit from all services within Pera Mackenzie with the points you earn.

Manage Your Reservations

Making a reservation with NorthernPlus is very easy. At Pera Mackenzie, you can make instant reservations for restaurant, Cabana, sun loungers and pool services and manage your reservations. You can also get tickets instantly by viewing all upcoming events before anyone else